Saturday, February 03, 2007

There's a reason the Spider is the Champ

Anderson Silva is nasty. In his previous 2 fights against Chris Leben and Rich Franklin, he dominated, surprising everyone. In his fight against Travis Lutter tonight (a non-title fight mind you, because Lutter didn't cut enough weight!) Silva was taken to the ground, something we had not seen before. We had not seen how good he was on the ground either. Lutter's game is on the ground, and he was outclassed. Good stuff.

As for CroCop's and Rampage's fights, things happened as I expected. It's so great to see these two talents in the UFC!

UFC 68 next month! If it's in HD we'll be getting it at the house, though I will miss another trip to Hooters (Mmmm, tackiness) Arielle is a cutie though...

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