Sunday, February 25, 2007

Keep kept too little

We had a late Sunday night game that just ended half-hour ago or so. While we had plenty of girls (nice change!) we only had 2 guy subs. I played keeper all game, and while I stopped all the hard shots I shouldn't have, I managed to let the shitty bobbled fuckers pass me by. We lost 4-2, with a last minute goal by the opposing team.

I'm not sure what I can do as a keeper to improve. Not that I'm perfect. I just don't know... I've been finking out of the Sunday morning game, but c'mon, 8am is just too early. I need to make it a point to play more though. And since I need to take a break from climbing (shoulder = Mmmm, ok, groin = Um, almost fine, finger = Pfft, gonna snap a pulley soon) maybe I can shift over to soccer to keep my activity level up.

Anyway, time for grapefruit in a cup!

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