Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dude Got T-Boned

Instead of going to the Steel Pulse concert tonight I decided to go work out. Yeah. So on my way home I notice a car making rather quick lane changes. While there's a yellow marker at 39th and Belmont, the light was not yellow. It was red. Yet Patrick, the 21 year old who had clearly been drinking, ran right through. Mike, traveling West on Belmont, t-boned Patrick and his 4 friends in the driver side rear passenger door and real wheel. Luckily Patrick pulled over and acted as responsibly as possible, having just caused an accident while under the influence.

Quote of the evening:
"I'm going to jail tonight huh?" - Patrick
"I'd assume so, yes." - Jesse

Look out for yourself and others.

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jesse said...

Bobby and I were at 300 on Saturday and someone, in the middle of the movie, says "Tyler's out of jail!"

Could it be the same Tyler?