Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dude Got T-Boned

Instead of going to the Steel Pulse concert tonight I decided to go work out. Yeah. So on my way home I notice a car making rather quick lane changes. While there's a yellow marker at 39th and Belmont, the light was not yellow. It was red. Yet Patrick, the 21 year old who had clearly been drinking, ran right through. Mike, traveling West on Belmont, t-boned Patrick and his 4 friends in the driver side rear passenger door and real wheel. Luckily Patrick pulled over and acted as responsibly as possible, having just caused an accident while under the influence.

Quote of the evening:
"I'm going to jail tonight huh?" - Patrick
"I'd assume so, yes." - Jesse

Look out for yourself and others.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Keep kept too little

We had a late Sunday night game that just ended half-hour ago or so. While we had plenty of girls (nice change!) we only had 2 guy subs. I played keeper all game, and while I stopped all the hard shots I shouldn't have, I managed to let the shitty bobbled fuckers pass me by. We lost 4-2, with a last minute goal by the opposing team.

I'm not sure what I can do as a keeper to improve. Not that I'm perfect. I just don't know... I've been finking out of the Sunday morning game, but c'mon, 8am is just too early. I need to make it a point to play more though. And since I need to take a break from climbing (shoulder = Mmmm, ok, groin = Um, almost fine, finger = Pfft, gonna snap a pulley soon) maybe I can shift over to soccer to keep my activity level up.

Anyway, time for grapefruit in a cup!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's what you call a "shut-out"

5-0 was the score today as we walked all over ROUS. We really came together as a team. Zach and Nathan both scored 2 great goals and Joyce had a nice shot to drive a point home. I played keeper and managed to stop all the shots. I was a little nervous because a dude with a pony tail on the other team had a mean shot but I blocked his one and only shot on goal.

We took the ball away from them at will. Only toward the very end of the game did they get a few shots on but our defense was strong. Great game guys!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Development of LeaguePal has BEGUN!

It's top secret though. All I can say is that I'm building a RubyOnRails application that will be the coolest project I've ever worked on.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Today we won at footieball

6-3 was the final score. Though I had pulled my groin climbing the day before, I had an ok game, taking quite a few one-on-one shots and blocking most. I did let 3 slip by, and I'm looking forward to stopping more in the future. Hell, since I keep hurting myself and keeper is the most stationary position... looks like it's a fit!

Really though, why do I keep getting hurt? If there's a God out there... I must be America

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Once Again: Soccer

Though we lost 4-3, we played well today. Gotta give it up to Joyce, Jane and Amy for playing the whole game with no subs.
Joe Neff had a wicked goal, as did Joyce, and Dave rocked one in soon after coming off the bench.

This was a physical and frustrating game. The physicality was fine, but the ref was calling all sorts of "This is Division 5" crap. Both teams were ok with the level of contact, and both teams were irked. Hopefully we'll have a different ref on Saturday!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

There's a reason the Spider is the Champ

Anderson Silva is nasty. In his previous 2 fights against Chris Leben and Rich Franklin, he dominated, surprising everyone. In his fight against Travis Lutter tonight (a non-title fight mind you, because Lutter didn't cut enough weight!) Silva was taken to the ground, something we had not seen before. We had not seen how good he was on the ground either. Lutter's game is on the ground, and he was outclassed. Good stuff.

As for CroCop's and Rampage's fights, things happened as I expected. It's so great to see these two talents in the UFC!

UFC 68 next month! If it's in HD we'll be getting it at the house, though I will miss another trip to Hooters (Mmmm, tackiness) Arielle is a cutie though...