Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vista, Visual Studio 2005 and IIS 7

While IIS 7 may have a whole host of nice, new features, and a nice new Vista-y UI, it's not so straight forward like IIS 5 on XP or IIS 6 on Windows Server 2003.

The 3 things I've had a hard time getting set up are
  • IIS itself
  • ASP 3.0 (yeah, I know, yuck) and
  • Windows Authentication
To get Visual Studio 2005 to hook up with IIS when developing web projects, Jerry Orman had a nice fix for solving the "IIS Compatibility/Metabase" problem. You can find it here.

I have one client that uses ASP 3.0, and while this is fine (well, not to me, but whatever) IIS 7 needs to you install support for classic ASP. To do this, you have to specifically install it.
  1. Control Panel --> Programs --> Windows Features
  2. Expand "Internet Information Services"
  3. Expand "World Wide Web Services"
  4. Expand "Application Development Features"
  5. Check some boxes...
Windows Authentication is still proving hard to implement. Even making it an option wasn't easy. Like ASP, you have to "install" it.
  1. From "Internet Information Services" Expand "Security"
  2. Check "Windows Authentication"
  3. Now you can enable it from within IIS 7's Authentication module.
Yet, it still doesn't work. Hell, IIS seams pretty much broken now, as it won't even serve up any content. Not sure how I broke it, but I do need to fix it.

The last thing I really need working with IIS 7 is SQL Server 2005's Reporting Services. Most important, since I have some stuff I need to get done soon for work!

UPDATE: It looks like IIS 7 may not have been the problem. Looks like the application may not have been able to authenticate to Active Directory, which was causing the blank pages.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help. I've been looking for the Windows Authentication settings for a bit now and was confused as to why I couldn't see them in the authentication section. Can't say I care much for IIS7.

jesse said...

We actually started running Windows 2003 virtual machines and that seems to be a slightly better development environment for now.