Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My First Developer Conference

I went to the first of hopefully not many, if they're going to be like that. Hoping to glean some sweet gem about Vista or SharePoint (in particular) I stayed until the end, a full 4 hours of Microsoft Launch ok-ness. Content was ok, jokes were bad. Coolest thing I saw was ReadyBoost, which I'm using right now (on another laptop)

Don't get me wrong, Vista is very cool, and I'm glad I'm running it. In fact, we're probably going to be moving to Vista Business on our laptops and Windows 2003 virtual machines (VMware, as VirtualPC 2007 sucks ass) for development. Finding either very fast external hard drives (over firewire probably) or upgrading our internal drives to 7200rpm SATA units will be the key to success. Hell, I'm running Windows 2003 on my work laptop right now with a 5400rpm drive and it's not so bad.

ps: On my way out of the conference I saw this pic while waiting for my van. Seriously? Technician? I kinda doubt that.

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