Sunday, January 14, 2007

I didn't sign up for pain

I signed up for soccer, yet I pretty much got trashed today.
Nathan, Pam and I played in the 8am pickup game. With 60 seconds left in the game, I messed up my right ankle pretty good. I iced/heated it when I got home and took some Advil, and it was feeling better as the day went on.

We had our first league game tonight. I started out as keeper, and was actually doing a pretty good job. I stopped a few shots on goal, even though I hurt my right ankle again. Then one of my opponents got a one-on-one with me and, instead of kicking low and probably scoring, decided to boot the ball into my nose. My face exploded in blood and I leaked red for the next 30 minutes. I tried going back out on the field a few times but I just bled again as I ran to the ball. Finally it slowed down enough that I could mash some napkin up there and go play. Within a minute I scored, which felt good.

Too bad we gave up 2 more goals after that, finishing in a draw. I plan to heal by next week. Hopefully that plan comes to fruition, because my face hurts, and that's no fun.

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