Monday, January 01, 2007


It's 3am and I just spent an hour helping a client update their site!
Not as big a deal as it may sound. My new year resolution? To not work so late at night!

LP baby, LP.

Tonight was pretty fun. I had kapama at my mom's house with her cousin Karen and her husband Deiter, and my mom's friend Michelle from Chesterton, with her 2 sons Alex and Aaron. Kapama is chicken in a cinnamon/clove sauce over noodles, which is what my mom's family would eat on New Years Eve. It's been a very long time since I've had it and it was delicious.

I went over to Andres' party which was nice and chill. Good laughs were had before I left for Amy and Dave's.

Quite an interesting mix of people... Supposedly I blew off Alicia, who had seen me at Goodwill today (I had a phone call!) then Rose couldn't guess my astrological sign (I don't have one, give up already) then some hot chick got her lip busted and Kyle got to play doctor (he is an ER nurse...) Got lost for a bit in NE while taking Jane home because Joe Chicka wanted to mack on some other girl. Anyway...

I'm going to sleep. Hope 2007 is a good year!

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