Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eureka, I've Found It!!!

This is by far the worst music video and song, with the worst singers and the worst content. I can't believe I listened to all of it. Quick, DEFTONES!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

6 things that are Weird about me

I've been tagged by my cousin Karen
Here we go:
  1. I was (and probably still am) more straight edge than all the straight edge kids in high school
  2. Even though I like the idea of reading a lot, I don't read that much
  3. I do lots of things (yoga, climbing, etc) but I like to be lazy
  4. I broke my back in '95 but I'm WAY more active now than any other time in my life
  5. While I love climbing outside, even on nice days I'll go to the gym
  6. I like older women (is that really weird?)
Ok, I'll pass it on to Bobby, maybe he'll actually do it.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My First Developer Conference

I went to the first of hopefully not many, if they're going to be like that. Hoping to glean some sweet gem about Vista or SharePoint (in particular) I stayed until the end, a full 4 hours of Microsoft Launch ok-ness. Content was ok, jokes were bad. Coolest thing I saw was ReadyBoost, which I'm using right now (on another laptop)

Don't get me wrong, Vista is very cool, and I'm glad I'm running it. In fact, we're probably going to be moving to Vista Business on our laptops and Windows 2003 virtual machines (VMware, as VirtualPC 2007 sucks ass) for development. Finding either very fast external hard drives (over firewire probably) or upgrading our internal drives to 7200rpm SATA units will be the key to success. Hell, I'm running Windows 2003 on my work laptop right now with a 5400rpm drive and it's not so bad.

ps: On my way out of the conference I saw this pic while waiting for my van. Seriously? Technician? I kinda doubt that.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Close but no Chalupa!

Blazers scored 94 points on the Cavaliers tonight. LeBron had a shitty game, but his team didn't really do anything either. Not that I'm a B-ball fan or anything, but when you get hooked up with free tickets, you go. Next time I need to eat before the game. $5.25/hot dog (even though it was delicious) is still too damn expensive!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vista, Visual Studio 2005 and IIS 7

While IIS 7 may have a whole host of nice, new features, and a nice new Vista-y UI, it's not so straight forward like IIS 5 on XP or IIS 6 on Windows Server 2003.

The 3 things I've had a hard time getting set up are
  • IIS itself
  • ASP 3.0 (yeah, I know, yuck) and
  • Windows Authentication
To get Visual Studio 2005 to hook up with IIS when developing web projects, Jerry Orman had a nice fix for solving the "IIS Compatibility/Metabase" problem. You can find it here.

I have one client that uses ASP 3.0, and while this is fine (well, not to me, but whatever) IIS 7 needs to you install support for classic ASP. To do this, you have to specifically install it.
  1. Control Panel --> Programs --> Windows Features
  2. Expand "Internet Information Services"
  3. Expand "World Wide Web Services"
  4. Expand "Application Development Features"
  5. Check some boxes...
Windows Authentication is still proving hard to implement. Even making it an option wasn't easy. Like ASP, you have to "install" it.
  1. From "Internet Information Services" Expand "Security"
  2. Check "Windows Authentication"
  3. Now you can enable it from within IIS 7's Authentication module.
Yet, it still doesn't work. Hell, IIS seams pretty much broken now, as it won't even serve up any content. Not sure how I broke it, but I do need to fix it.

The last thing I really need working with IIS 7 is SQL Server 2005's Reporting Services. Most important, since I have some stuff I need to get done soon for work!

UPDATE: It looks like IIS 7 may not have been the problem. Looks like the application may not have been able to authenticate to Active Directory, which was causing the blank pages.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I didn't sign up for pain

I signed up for soccer, yet I pretty much got trashed today.
Nathan, Pam and I played in the 8am pickup game. With 60 seconds left in the game, I messed up my right ankle pretty good. I iced/heated it when I got home and took some Advil, and it was feeling better as the day went on.

We had our first league game tonight. I started out as keeper, and was actually doing a pretty good job. I stopped a few shots on goal, even though I hurt my right ankle again. Then one of my opponents got a one-on-one with me and, instead of kicking low and probably scoring, decided to boot the ball into my nose. My face exploded in blood and I leaked red for the next 30 minutes. I tried going back out on the field a few times but I just bled again as I ran to the ball. Finally it slowed down enough that I could mash some napkin up there and go play. Within a minute I scored, which felt good.

Too bad we gave up 2 more goals after that, finishing in a draw. I plan to heal by next week. Hopefully that plan comes to fruition, because my face hurts, and that's no fun.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Windows key + Tab

That's right, do it (in Vista of course)
It's a very nice 3D scrolling mechanism kinda like Alt-Tab. Hold Shift also to go backward.

More key-mappings here.

I'm running Vista

and I like it. So far everything has installed correctly, including my video card (ATI Radeon x300) and wireless adapter (Intel PRO ABG 2915) without needing the manufacturer's drivers.
Windows Defender will work just fine for anti-spyware, especially coupled with IE7's and Firefox's anti-phishing mechanisms. Avast 4 Home Edition is the free anti-virus suite that seems be the only option for now.

Office 2007 Pro Plus is being installed now. Next will be VMWare, which I heard works just fine.

I don't want to pay to climb

but I may have to...
Tonight at the PRG I was asked to buy a membership. This is hard for me for 2 reasons:
  1. Money is tight since I bought the house
  2. I've never paid to climb
I've been climbing for 6 years and I've only ever had to buy ONE 3 month membership. Yes, I'm lucky, and I shouldn't be complaining, as I've saved a shitload of money. Regardless, I feel like paying to climb is somehow lessing its meaning to me. I don't want to trivialize it with cash.

So, I'm going to ask Gary (the owner) if I can start setting again. What I'd like to do is just straight trade. A membership is $50/mo and I'd like to set 5 hours a month. I think I could go into areas that were set a while ago and spruce them up with some new problems. We'll see what he thinks. I'll do pretty much anything to not pay for climbing.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Children of Men

What a fantastic movie! Based on the novel by P.D. James, this 1984ish story of a bleak world was extremely intense, tragic and joyous, and even funny in the most horrible moments. I don't want to say too much, besides go see it.

Shoes, where are your shoes?

Monday, January 01, 2007


It's 3am and I just spent an hour helping a client update their site!
Not as big a deal as it may sound. My new year resolution? To not work so late at night!

LP baby, LP.

Tonight was pretty fun. I had kapama at my mom's house with her cousin Karen and her husband Deiter, and my mom's friend Michelle from Chesterton, with her 2 sons Alex and Aaron. Kapama is chicken in a cinnamon/clove sauce over noodles, which is what my mom's family would eat on New Years Eve. It's been a very long time since I've had it and it was delicious.

I went over to Andres' party which was nice and chill. Good laughs were had before I left for Amy and Dave's.

Quite an interesting mix of people... Supposedly I blew off Alicia, who had seen me at Goodwill today (I had a phone call!) then Rose couldn't guess my astrological sign (I don't have one, give up already) then some hot chick got her lip busted and Kyle got to play doctor (he is an ER nurse...) Got lost for a bit in NE while taking Jane home because Joe Chicka wanted to mack on some other girl. Anyway...

I'm going to sleep. Hope 2007 is a good year!