Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Trail of Dead

Gotta love free tickets!
A few weeks ago I was listening to The Bottom Forty on 94.7 FM at work, streaming that over the interweb. The host said he'd hook someone up with 2 free tickets to the Trail of Dead show if the correct city of origin was emailed in. Knowing they're from Austin, Texas I sent that email within seconds of hearing the question. I didn't hear anything back for a few days, when I did get hooked up on the guest list.

So, Celebration and the Blood Brothers opened up. I had seen the Bros before, and their obnoxious screamo sounded familiar. It's not that I didn't like it. I did. C'mon, Set Fire to the Face of Fire is a TIGHT song.

I had never heard of Celebration, and I really liked them. They had some of that New York punk mixed in with the psychedelic sounds you'd hear from the Mars Volta. I liked them a lot, and hopefully I can get their cd soon.

What a killer name. The first 3 songs I recognized from Source Tags & Code
and a few I recognized from So Divided. After that, I didn't really recognize the songs, which was really too bad. They have so many I'd love to hear live. Maybe next time!

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