Saturday, November 18, 2006

We have a new CHAMPION!

Tonight was UFC 65 "Bad Intentions or something like that.

The under-card fights were pretty good. I'm sure they'll be up on YouTube soon enough. The best knockout (of the under-card fights, mind you) was James Irvin vs Hector Ramirez. Hector was killing the boxing game, but Irvin managed a badass knockout.

Sylvia vs Monson wasn't too exciting, except for the 3rd round. Sylvia didn't do a whole lot, and in the 3rd, Monson got on top, but submission attempts didn't work, and his reach wasn't long enough to make strikes count. Sylvia, in another decision, won.

St. Pierre vs Hughes was awesome. GSP was using his superior standup to control the fight. Seconds left in the first round, GSP was knocking the shit out of Hughes. If there were 5 seconds more to the round, it would have been the end of the bout.

As the second round started, I could tell GSP would pull it out. After a nice high kick to Hughes' head, GSP pounced and the fight was stopped. I freaked. I was so psyched Hughes lost. He's a good fighter but too cocky for my likes. GSP deserved it.

Ok, for the 2 best quotes of the night, from some dude named Adam that we didn't even know:
  • "I don't own a gun, know how to use a gun, or even like guns. But I will bow-and-arrow a motherfucker for a PS3!"
  • "Know what I like about Hooters? The excitement. These girls are one rent check away from becoming strippers."

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