Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Rainy Sunday

Nathan and I went to another pool session today. We demo'd the Bliss-Stick SCUD, the Wavesport Diesel 65 and the Fluid Solo Small. The SCUD is a cross between a play boat and a creek boat, and it kinda strange. I think I'd have to paddle it in moving water to get a good feel. While the Diesel was nice and comfy, and easy to roll, the Fluid was amazing. Super easy to roll, on and off-side, and I was hand-rolling it very easily. Nathan and I would both like to get one, but they're pricey and probably hard to find used.

After the pool session we went to see Borat. Not much to say except it was fucking hilarious and well worth seeing. It was almost hard to watch at times, but I persevered.

And all night I've been thinking of a house I want to buy. I think the price is right, and the house is very nice. I'm already pre-approved for enough, I just need to see if I have enough for 20% down and if my monthly payment is doable.

Tomorrow night I'll be enjoying the pit for Thursday. Can't wait!

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