Friday, November 03, 2006

probably the last time...

I go to a Deftones concert. It was an amazing performance by the masters of the their craft. Let's start from the beginning.

Deadsy, the opening band... how you say... sucked. I shouldn't say that. Their sound was kinda like Orgy which I actually like a lot. It's just that they were SO LOUD. I've never worn earplugs at a show but went immediately to purchase some tonight. It's like they had 3 bassists and they are all cranked up the the max.

Then the Deftones came on stage. I haven't been in a pit in a long time, but felt like it was necessary to pay my respects to a band that's given me so much. Sounds fruity but it's true. They played pretty much every song I wanted to hear besides one: Battle-axe from the self-titled album. Regardless, it was a great show.

However, I did get elbowed in the back in the same spot like 2 or 3 times, and now that shit is cramping. Time to hit the shower and get other people's sweat off of me.

Edited (the next day)
I forgot to comment on a few amusing things I saw at the show. First, I think my first human moth. There was a guy, a big guy, that had that look on his face like he was drawn to Chino like a moth drawn to light. He kinda had his mouth half-open all the time too, so he looked rather funny.

Then, there was the Pit Love. This little girl (maybe 16) was in the pit with her boyfriend, clutching her arms around his neck for the WHOLE SHOW. She looked mighty uncomfortable as she was slammed against others. Hell, she rarely ever faced the stage to see the band. Her boyfriend didn't seem to pay much attention to the music either, like his sole purpose was to hold on to her or she'd be sucked into the black hole of pit-death. I'd figure your sole purpose at a concert is to see the band, but maybe things have changed.

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