Saturday, November 18, 2006

I done swum

Nathan, my friend Garry and I did Fish to Bob's on the Clackamas today. The river level was higher than normal flows, but nothing unmanageable. I was in an Eskimo creek boat, which was kinda strange. The outfitting kinda sucked, but it was easy to roll. Like other creek boats, it wasn't too easy to keep going straight, but I managed.

We stopped above Carter Bridge, the first of 3 significant rapids on the run. My heart rate was too high and it was hard to catch my breath, but once I settled down, we went for it.

Carter Bridge is where I swam last time I did this run. There are some significant drops and a large pillow at the end. This time, we went left, avoiding the drops (which were HUGE today) and shot across the face of the last pillow. I was very surprised I didn't flip. It felt good to go through with no issues.

Rock 'n Roll wasn't too much of an issue. I picked a line just left of Nathan's and avoided a last pillow that may have flipped me. Feeling good, my confidence level was high for Toilet Bowl.

Toilet Bowl is deceptive. You can't see the drops until you're in them, and it kinds sucks if you flip. Well, I flipped on the last one! I tried to get into setup position for my roll but had a hard time, since the water was pretty powerful there. I stayed under for as long as I could, then, instead of attempting a role, I exited. Not only was I cold, but I was a little frustrated. And, I was cold.

After that the run is pretty much done. I got out and took some pictures with my mom's camera, almost falling into the river 2 or 3 times. Carley took some pics too, so I'll try to post those up on Google/Picasa soon. Here are the pics from my mom's camera.

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