Saturday, October 28, 2006

I jumped out of a plane today

and it was a hell of a good time! I had told my friend Eric that I would go skydiving with him while he was here. Today happened to have the nicest weather, so we decided to head out to Skydive Oregon in Molalla (nice little town, don't ever want to go back)

It took about 10 minutes to initial every single fucking paragraph on the waiver, but once I got through it I was ready to go. Little did I know I'd sit around, waiting for almost 2 hours. What I noticed while I waited was my level of nervousness/excitement. The noticeable thing was that I was excited, yet not nervous at all. In fact, I didn't get that adrenaline rush until I started walking toward the plane.

The ride up was fine. Normal, cramped plane with a bunch of adrenaline junkies ready to get their fix. Eric was going to dive with some Austrian guy and I was hooked up tandem to an instructor. I was the last to jump out, and those first 10 seconds were fucking killer.

Once I got oriented, I could enjoy the free-fall. I had heard you couldn't breath while free-falling but I got enough in and out of my nose to be juuuuuuuuust fine.

When the instructor pulled the chute, we came to a nice little halt (going from 120 mph to 10 mph is, um, rough on the nuts) and coasted for a bit. He "let" me steer (ha, not really, but hey, it was nice of him to entertain the notion) and we chilled for a bit.

Landing was nice and easy, and that was that! All the damn spinning kinda made me motion sick, but luckily it wasn't too bad. All in all, a good day, mainly because I didn't die... you know, 'cause I jumped out of a plane. ;-)

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