Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beacon Again

What a great place.
This time, Karen (and Lola of course) , Joe Chicka and I met up at a breakfast spot on Mississippi before heading out. Once we got out, Joe lead the first pitch of Young Warriors (no gear all bolts makes it a bit quicker) then Karen and I did too to warm up.
We then walked over to Cruisemaster, the most 5.9 5.7 I've ever climbed. A delicate, good sized finger crack with smears for feet lead to a tricky bulge for traversing. The rest was chill. On the rope throw to rappell, of course I get the shit STUCK in the tree. Like, really stuck. Like, wrapped around branches that won't break stuck. Awesome.
SE Face, the first ascent at Beacon was then lead by Karen, her first gear lead. She did a great job. Joe cleaned, then I lead it. Good stuff.

Hopefully the rain will let up and we can make it back!

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