Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fighting at Hooters

Normally I wouldn't go to Hooters. Tacky and still unrefined, and the food doesn't agree with me.

However, they do get the UFC fights, so of course I had to go. Tonight's Rivals was mediocre at best. While Ortiz did punish Shamrock in less than 2 minutes, I was disappointed in the ref's stoppage. I've seen fighters get pounded worse than that and come back to win.

Sylvia vs Arlovski was almost boring. It went to decision after 5 rounds of dicking around. I feel that Arlovski could have won if he took Sylvia down but he stayed up pretty much the whole time. Whatever...

Then we went to the Dolphin II. Slow when we got there but it picked up. Cute girls, pretty good music... a strip club is a stip club is a strip club.

Now it's time to get some rest before the World Cup championship tomorrow. Adidas is hosting a viewing down in Pioneer Square so that should be fun. But maybe I'll just watch it from the comfort of my couch.

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