Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I's been around

I've had a good last week...

Went bouldering at Carver on Saturday with lovely weather and dry lower boulders, which were realy fun. My friend Christina was up from SLC with her bf Sundev, so that was cool. Played poker at Yosh's and proceeded to hit the strip club. We went to the Dolphin II, and it was kinda slow. RazorNips was hot though.

Went to Sauvie Island with Stacey on Sunday and just LAID OUT, which was really nice. I started reading Earth Abides which so far has been very enjoyable.

Yesterday I did a few routes and some decent bouldering. Tonight I had a great yoga class and got a lot of work done.

All in all, good stuff.


goolon said...

Texas Holdem No Limit?

jesse said...

yep, I can't play limit to save my life.