Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Where I'm @

I'm really struggling with this girl. Well, I was struggling with how I felt. Now I think I have it figured out and I think I have some closure.

Sounds like I've put way too much thought into this but it's bothered me way more than I thought it would. I guess I'm upset because I saw a lot of potential with this girl. She's cute, intelligent, cultured, likes to climb, funny... things I look for in a girl. Finally find one and it doesn't work out. There will be others, which I know.

So for some closure, I left a message on her phone. Just needed to let her know I wasn't angry and never wanted to get in between her and her boyfriend. Hell, why should I be upset if somebody I think is cool and would like as a friend is happy with someone else? But what got me the most is the sudden stoppage of communication. I really did think I at least deserved an explanation, but maybe she's not able to give me one.

Lesson learned. What's the lesson? Um, shit happens. Yeah, that's it.

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