Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Medium flow? No, definitely High...

Well, Garry and I went kayaking on Saturday. We planned on running Fish to Bob's, which I had done once before at 800cfs or so. The gauge said 3400cfs on Friday, which is a lot of water, especially for someone of my limited skill level. Needless to say, I wasn't too shocked when I got tooled on pretty hard and learned that the gauge was actually around 5400cfs.

So we saw the waves under the bridge were pretty big. I held my own all the way through the wave but was a little too far to the left toward the end. I dropped off a big wave right into a pillow that hit me in the upper chest and face. Knocked me over right away and I tried to roll but brought my head up first, failing... wet exit lead to a little break, then back on the river.

Right before the next rapid, Rock and Roll, I got flipped and botched my roll again. I exited and tried to grab my paddle but missed. Garry tried throwing my paddle on the bank but didn't get it up there, and then he went after my boat. I ran upriver and swam across, making it just before Rock and Roll. I found Garry and my boat, no paddle. I hiked back to the van, no paddle.

Anyway, a rafter found my paddle and I'm buying my first 6 pack of PBR for him. At least I have my paddle back!!! Now on to the pool for some lessons... much needed lessons and practice!

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