Wednesday, November 09, 2005

<3 summer only

For some reason I only seem to have decent relationships in the summer.
  • Summer between 7th & 8th grade - Michelle
    went well
  • Spring 8th grade - Heather
    only lasted a few weeks
  • Winter of 9th grade - Valerie
    almost got my ass kicked by her brother even though I had just broken my back
  • Summer between 10th & 11th, 11th & 12th, 12th and freshman year, freshman year and sophmore year - Laetitia
    great times, still talk with her. She's like family.
  • Spring of senior year of high school - Missy
    we used to be friends... didn't last long
  • Summer of junior year in college to spring of senior year - Tracey
    wasn't your typical relationship. We're still friends but were never really compatible.
  • Summer of '04 - Christina
    fun to hang out with, great sex... we had a good time and still hang out on occasion.
  • Summer of '05 - Stacey
    only dated for a month or so. She was really fun too. Sexy, chill. She needed to study and we haven't really spoken in months.
So, why only the summers? Am I somehow a different person during that season? Someone girls want to be around? Or maybe not. Maybe I'm better in the summer and somehow self-destruct other times of the year. I don't know. Kinda frustrating though.

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