Friday, August 05, 2005

Virtual Optical Drives

ominous title but nice nonetheless...
One of the greatest ways I've found to backup data and "send cds" is to generate an iso and send just that one file. An iso is a big image of whatever is on the cd (I guess it doesn't have to be an actual cd, as you can create an iso from nothing and go from there)

anyway, here's a great, free Windows shell extension for creating iso images, called ISO Recorder. Download it, give it a try with some cd. All you have to do is right click on the cd drive and hit "copy to image file" (notice you can also copy straight to another cd)

The iso that's created can then be mounted in a virtual drive. There's a program called DAEMON Tools that you can use to mount an image and your computer treats the image as a drive. So you can then mount your iso image. Pretty cool stuff.

I even mounted an iso, then created an iso from it, then mounted THAT iso...

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