Tuesday, August 02, 2005

the Gorilla revisited

I had posted a while back that I was working on a batch script to automate the download/upload of the password dat file used in Password Gorilla. Well, I think it's done.
All you have to do is download the Gorilla and then download my batch file. Unzip the archive (needs to be in the same folder as gorilla-1.2.exe) and run Gorilla for the first time to generate the password file.
Open up the bat file in notepad and configure lines 8 through 11
SET FtpSite=ftp.server.net
SET FtpUser=user
SET RemoteDir=folder/to/dat/file
SET PasswordFile=passwords.dat

It's best to upload your dat file BEFORE you use the script!
Then, when you want to use Password Gorilla, double click the start link. At the prompt, enter in
gorilla.dat password

where password is your ftp user's password. Press return and let the script do its thing. Gorilla will fire up. Log in, do whatever, don't forget to save. When you exit, the script will upload your dat file.
Leave a comment if something's not right!
As with any batch script, you should read through to make sure nothing malicious is going on!

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