Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Well, I've been wanting to write a bit on passwords. I had seen an article reviewing different programs to keep track of passwords. The one that stood out in that article (which I can't find anymore) was Password Gorilla. I wasn't sure if I wanted to use it, but then I ran across an article on news.com about a Microsoft security expert that says everyone should write down their passwords. With this in mind, and also going over password security in a class of mine, I feel like I should give Password Gorilla a fair chance. Look back soon for a review.


TRES CEE said...

why write them down, just remember the basic password, and use it over and over again on every machine, and have a memory hook for remembering the order in which yuu change the password for each machine, and never reveal the password, and then make sure the passord is not a word in Dictionary but has syllables and consonants that spell nonsensical word.
Then to change the word for each machine making sure that the password using special characters and numbers, can be accepted in the machine.

Then change password for each machine by changing the position of yoiur hand on each machine so that the word is typed at a different starting position on each machine.
remember that you increase security by having used capital letters or keys with shift, and have different letter capitalized, or different position on keyboard or both for increased security.
then when you change the password, change on all machines in same time period, and you have different password change.

testa killz said...

just set them all to "password". haxors never guess that shit.

jesse said...

yeah, that's way easier than having a central repository that's encrypted with just one pwd.