Sunday, December 25, 2005

home's been aight

I'm feeling MUCH better. At this point I have a slight cough and that's about it.

Saw my mom's family yesterday and my dad's (really just my cousin Jake) today. It was nice to see everyone but still feels a little shallow since it's that whole once-a-year thing.

I'm meeting with Art Doler for breakfast. Haven't seen him since we graduated so that should be FUN FUN FUN!!!

The one and only... cooke

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I knew I was going to have to puke

Started coughing yesterday and didn't quite feel right after dinner last night. Came home where I went to bed and slept like SHIT, only to wake up very achey and in much worse condition. Didn't feel like eating anything (didn't have much in the house anyway) but for some reason a tomato sounded good. I ate most of one and a few Goldfish crackers. Couple hours later I decide to make some chicken noodle soup and BAM!!! Threw up in the bathtub. Felt sooooooooo much better. Now I just need to eat something and get rid of the itchy throat and I'll be good to go.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

There are others you know

That's right. There are other mathematicians that are worth reading about. I'm tired of all the book reviews that deal with the popular Alan Turing (NYT) or John Nash and don't branch out to other entertaining geniuses. Hell, Paul Erdos was much more entertaining to read about in The Man Who Loved Only Numbers. As was Ramanujan in The Man Who Knew Infinity. All I'm saying is that there are many more marketable mathematicians to spruce up the review columns than the reviewers let on.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I want one

LaCie Carte Orange is a killer USB 2.0 portable hard drive. 8GB - seems pretty small. Well, this badass is the size of a credit card. Yeah, that's right... stick it in your wallet. It's less than 1/4" thick. Freaking amazing. And for $150 (8GB. 4GB is $100) this thing is hella affordable. Now to get one!

And... I decided to get one. Should be here in a few days!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

a great concert tonight

Morning Wood opened up for The Bravery at the Crystal Ballroom. I had seen The Bravery a few months ago and they put on another fantastic performance. Morning Wood, also from NYC, had a great sound and a fun stage performance. And...

user posted image

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Busy and not interesting

has been my life the last few days.
I worked most of the weekend and a long day today. Alas, I need the $$$ so it's all good. Tomorrow I'll go see The Bravery with Bobby and Jessica Iovanella, that friend from high school I was talking about. I never did write about that night. Needless to say it was great.

By the way, check out She Wants Revenge. You won't regret it.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Rich and Fake

Saw today that Forbes has the Fictional 15 Richest characters in the world.
I had heard of a class and a few books on this subject. It'd be interesting to do an analysis of the Fictional 15 to see if they could actually be as rich as they are made out to be. And are there other extrememly rich fictional characters in other cultures? I'd bet so.

A little strange

I've noticed I've been hitting my head a lot recently. Like, if I'm under a desk/table, or even just now... I hit my head on the door. Not sure what's going on.


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Firefox 1.5 is out!

Get it while it's hot!

note: not all extensions will work right away. Bookmark Synchronizer doesn't, which is a bummer, as it's the one I use the most.

I found some info to get Bookmarks Synchonizer to work with 1.5
  1. Download v1.0.1
  2. Open the .xpi file with WinZip, WinRAR, some utility that can open/write to a zip archive
  3. you'll find the em:maxVersion set at 1.0 --> Change that to 1.6 and update the .xpi file
  4. Install the extension and you should (hopefully!!!) be good to go.

Monday, November 28, 2005

random lust confession

where do they come up with this stuff?

Mirra = Pfft

Yosh bought a Mirra Personal Server today from BestBuy. At first I thought it would be cool. Come to figure out it's a Debian box running Samba and probably Apache with WebDAV for the autoversioning. Nothing special at all... good thing they're making money off of this free software. Hell, I wish I would have thought of it first!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mmmmmm... Joe's Valley

Well, I just got back from my first trip to Utah, specifically Joe's Valley. It was superb! The rock down there is amazing and I met some great people. Here's a pic of my friend Christina sending a fun problem.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I gotta get to bed

I will write more later on my dinner with Jessica Iovanella, a friend from high school.
Also, I finally got around to writing a c# command line application to compare md5 hashes. Now I just need to get it to delete the files and I'll be set!

Monday, November 14, 2005

I could care less...

about 7th Heaven, but Arrested Development should not be taken off the air.

I had heard rumors, and was saddened when I read this CNN article. I think I'm perturbed that an intelligent show is getting the axe because America is kinda dumb. The show is quirky and subtle, therefore not easy to get into. But once you do... gold.

get yer Windows/iPod transfer on easy styleeeee

When my friend Tracey was in town I wanted to transfer some music to her iPod Shuffle. I've never liked i*, and I didn't want to install iTunes, so I looked around and found vPod. It worked like a charm and I highly recommend it for simple transfers.

The Adblock Project

I was having some issues with Adblock and Flash 8. This thread fixed it, so use it if you need to.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

look what I found...

I saw Colin on Friendster and I remembered I had this pic of him. Thought I'd share with the rest...
 Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

<3 summer only

For some reason I only seem to have decent relationships in the summer.
  • Summer between 7th & 8th grade - Michelle
    went well
  • Spring 8th grade - Heather
    only lasted a few weeks
  • Winter of 9th grade - Valerie
    almost got my ass kicked by her brother even though I had just broken my back
  • Summer between 10th & 11th, 11th & 12th, 12th and freshman year, freshman year and sophmore year - Laetitia
    great times, still talk with her. She's like family.
  • Spring of senior year of high school - Missy
    we used to be friends... didn't last long
  • Summer of junior year in college to spring of senior year - Tracey
    wasn't your typical relationship. We're still friends but were never really compatible.
  • Summer of '04 - Christina
    fun to hang out with, great sex... we had a good time and still hang out on occasion.
  • Summer of '05 - Stacey
    only dated for a month or so. She was really fun too. Sexy, chill. She needed to study and we haven't really spoken in months.
So, why only the summers? Am I somehow a different person during that season? Someone girls want to be around? Or maybe not. Maybe I'm better in the summer and somehow self-destruct other times of the year. I don't know. Kinda frustrating though.

It's only 12:33am

and I'm still up. I've been getting to sleep around 2am, and not able to get out of bed until 10 or 11. Frickin' sucks. Not really sure what I should do. I just don't get tired...

Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm sore

I had a damn good weekend. Went kayaking on Friday. We did Fish to Bob's: a super classic run down the Clackamas. Saturday we explored some bouldering up in the Gorge. Not much there really, unless you climb vhard off the couch. Yesterday I went to my first yoga class. I did well, while in class. After waking up this morning, I can feel it all over the place. We'll see when I can get in next. Maybe not 'till Sunday.

Monday, October 17, 2005

It's been too long

My friend Tracey came to visit me this week. We had a lot of fun, seeing Proof and since I'm a math nerd, I enjoyed it very much. We also checked out the Portland Art Museum, which I hadn't been to before.

Other than that... I've been reading up on Ruby On Rails. I'd like to play around with it soon. Seems pretty cool, though the syntax is not like I've seen before. Should be fun.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Kayaking yesterday

was quite a painful experience. We did the White Salmon, which might have been slightly above my abilities, with all the water from the rain and all. Basically I got pummelled and I'm taking it easy for a few days. My neck is hella sore but not as stiff as it could be.

Also, saw this on /. - LivePlasma
Probably one of the coolest things I've seen on the web in a while.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

quite a week...

Well, I'm home in Indiana right now. My grandma flew me home yesterday to surprise my mom for her 50th birthday today, and I'm flying back to Portland tomorrow. I wish I had a pic of my mom's face when she turned the corner. Utter disbelief seems pretty close to correct.
Bobby and I also moved to our new apartment. We're quite psyched to be out of our old place and hope to get most of our security deposit back... we'll see!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Is it real? No. Is it that far-fetched? No.

Monday, September 05, 2005

GMapMe finally on the list

Just now I put GMapMe on the huge list of user scripts over at

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'd go...

to the Nerd Breakfast if it weren't so damn early in the morning!

Friday, August 26, 2005

3 story cabins rule

Brian's cabin up in Government Camp is frickin' sweet. Not only is it a really nice and peaceful place, but he has a fast internet connection. Guess I'll be working from the mountain more!

Jane and I went to Bagby Hot Springs today too. She got in the hot water, I walked around. That shit is WAY TOO HOT, at least for the summer. The creek under the bridge is badass though. Nice, clear, clean looking water. Parts are moving pretty quickly and looks REALLY deep. Quite a beautiful place.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

so much I want to blog about

but I've been busy with work and entertaining Jane. Some good news though... Bobby and I put down our security deposit on our new place!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's been a while

Well, last time I wrote about a piss-poor kayaking experience (or lack thereof) but this last Saturday was badass.
I went with Garry to the North Santiam outside Mill City, OR for a river safety day. While I learned some valuable stuff, I also had a great time on the river. While I also missed all of my practice rolls, I did hit 5 of 5 combat rolls, all first try. Also ran a Class III. Quite fun.

Also, my former roommate Jane (Jea Hyun to everyone else) is in town. She flew in on Sunday and it's been great hanging with her. Too bad it's after midnight and I'm still working...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

failed once again...

well, I tried to go kayaking today. Just remember, it's not really possible to kayak without a spray skirt. always bring one...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Bush vs Bush

one of the greatest things I've ever seen...
btw, I know this is old, but it deserves some present attention

Virtual Optical Drives

ominous title but nice nonetheless...
One of the greatest ways I've found to backup data and "send cds" is to generate an iso and send just that one file. An iso is a big image of whatever is on the cd (I guess it doesn't have to be an actual cd, as you can create an iso from nothing and go from there)

anyway, here's a great, free Windows shell extension for creating iso images, called ISO Recorder. Download it, give it a try with some cd. All you have to do is right click on the cd drive and hit "copy to image file" (notice you can also copy straight to another cd)

The iso that's created can then be mounted in a virtual drive. There's a program called DAEMON Tools that you can use to mount an image and your computer treats the image as a drive. So you can then mount your iso image. Pretty cool stuff.

I even mounted an iso, then created an iso from it, then mounted THAT iso...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

the Gorilla revisited

I had posted a while back that I was working on a batch script to automate the download/upload of the password dat file used in Password Gorilla. Well, I think it's done.
All you have to do is download the Gorilla and then download my batch file. Unzip the archive (needs to be in the same folder as gorilla-1.2.exe) and run Gorilla for the first time to generate the password file.
Open up the bat file in notepad and configure lines 8 through 11
SET FtpUser=user
SET RemoteDir=folder/to/dat/file
SET PasswordFile=passwords.dat

It's best to upload your dat file BEFORE you use the script!
Then, when you want to use Password Gorilla, double click the start link. At the prompt, enter in
gorilla.dat password

where password is your ftp user's password. Press return and let the script do its thing. Gorilla will fire up. Log in, do whatever, don't forget to save. When you exit, the script will upload your dat file.
Leave a comment if something's not right!
As with any batch script, you should read through to make sure nothing malicious is going on!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

GMapMe is done!

Version 0.1 went live tonight. The link to the right will stay up to date so check it out!
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Side note... I messed up the url above originally. I put in http://http// and when I tried it out, I was directed to

Another side note... when I typed in http://http// I was also directed to not sure what's going on with that.

My first time surfing

Needless to say I had a shit-ton of fun... water was cold but I borrowed a badass wetsuit. Worked on timing the waves and got to my feet a couple of times. Gotta get a good night's rest for kayaking tomorrow.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Got some gear today too...

Though I'm going surfing for the first time tomorrow, I'll be heading out for a day of kayaking on Sunday. I'm pretty excited about that. Today I got a WaveSport PFD ( similiar to this one ), an FNA Guide helmet, an Adventure Technology AT4 Play paddle and I'm demoing a Bliss-Stick RAD 185 boat. Seems to fit well. I'm stoked!!!

GMapMe is almost done

My user script for Greasemonkey is almost done. It'll allow a user to send a Google Map like a user can send a Craigslist posting to a friend. Hopefully I'll have it finished tonight!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hybrid Google Map

Google released a pretty sweet new feature on Maps... the Hybrid map. It overlays the streets of Maps onto the Satellite image.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Vinq's Greasemap

Not sure why I didn't post this earlier... Greasemap is a user script for Greasemonkey that will add Google Map information to a page that has readable info (such as an address or lat/long points)

How long till Moon hacks are out?

Google just released its Google Moon site. I haven't had time to play with it but I'm sure it runs off the same API (for the most part) as Google Maps.

Another Firefox update

We're at 1.0.6 now. Get it while it's hot!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Fun javascript stuff

Those styled form controls were pretty cool. When looking for router support my buddy came across a forum that had these really cool fading links. After some research I found them here.

Looking around some more I found Prototype and, 2 REALLY sweet sites. With frameworks like these it won't be long till the desktop and browser are essentially interchangable.

Behaviour is pretty badass too. Now I need a badass project to use these all on!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

That was fast...

Luckily I went down to Fred Meyer/Ticketmaster for the NIN tickets. I was first in line and got my 2 GA floor tickets. Good thing I was first because GA floor sold out in less than 2 minutes. I felt bad for the people behind me in line. They got their GA tickets for the bowl though. Lesson: Get up and be first.


That's right... Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age tickets are going on sale tomorrow (today technically) at 9am. Normally I wouldn't wake up early on a Saturday but I'm making an exception.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Styled Form Controls

I think I saw this on /. but these styled form controls are super frickin' cool. Phil did a great job and I plan on using it in upcoming projects.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Firefox 1.0.5 is out!

Get it while it's hot!

a little whitewater

Runnin' down the Ocoee with smiles on our faces!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Kayaking is da bomb

Just got to DC last night. I was just outside Bryson City, NC at Nantahala Outdoor Center for a 6 day fast-track kayaking course with my little brother. I haven't had that much fun in quite a long time. Paddling is a lot harder than I thought. I did do a class III roll but I have so much to learn.
Here's Nathan keeping that edge up!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Lions free kidnapped girl

Another CNN article, this one about Ethopia and a sensational story. A 12yr old girl was kidnapped and beaten to force her into marriage. Some lions chased off her abductors and guarder her until Police and family came. While it's quite cool that the lions did this (kinda like the Brookfield Zoo incident) there's a much bigger problem at hand.
"The United Nations estimates that more than 70 percent of marriages in Ethiopia are by abduction, practiced in rural areas where the majority of the country's 71 million people live."
Take a moment to think of that, and wonder how frightening it must be for not only the women but the families. While I'm not trying to say it's wrong, as that's not really the point, it is a pretty sad state of affairs.

Saddam is eating well

CNN is running an article about Saddam and his treatment in camp, and some of Saddam's thoughts. Maybe I'm meant to be a dictator, but I also like Doritos and Raisin Bran but not Fruit Loops (glad he's eating well)

I never really admired Reagan, and I did think Clinton was ok (actually, better than that... human) while I also don't like either President Bush. Just in case Jeb gets elected, I also wouldn't like him. Just not a fan of the whole family.

Anyway, it's interesting to hear what Saddam thinks of his life at the moment. Seems to be getting along just fine. Hang in there!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

MD5 Collisions

Oh the world of hash. Many people get hashing and encrypting mixed up. My employer, though I've told him the difference, still refers to the practice of hashing as encrypting. A hash is basically a one-way transformation of an item to a fixed length string. MD5 and AES are 2 popular ones. It's pretty much impossible to guess the original content of a hashed item, and it's also pretty much impossible to find 2 items that have the same hash.

Well, that's what we'd like to think, but it's not entirely true. "The Story of Alice and her Boss" is a short read on MD5 collisions. It's nice they actually gave 2 files that have the same md5 sum (a25f7f0b29ee0b3968c860738533a4b9 done with MD5summer)

Cartoon Math

A little better than it sounds. Guide to Mathematics and Mathematicians on The Simpsons and A Futurama Math Conversation with David X Cohen

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Went and did some work for them today. Tried to play a joke on my boss but I'm such a bad liar I gave in.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Good: kB!3ccsiiz_8 or 4*4zbmn-BXY

Another article on writing down your passwords, this time by Netgear. In addition, Password Gorilla has worked out well for me. I still haven't worked on the batch file(s) for upload/download to a server via FTP, but it'll happen soon. The tip I'm looking for is how to make a batch file wait for the executed program to terminate before continuing with commands. I'm sure it's something simple, and I should just look for it.

For those out there looking for other password management solutions, check out the article on NewsForge.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Networking can be tricky

Well, I'm trying to hook up a private/public wifi/lan network at work and it's not easy. The network is split public wifi/lan and private lan by a D-Link DSA-3200 and a DI-824VUP but I've been told by tech support those 2 items won't work. I wish pre-sales product support would have told me that...

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ha, get this...

So I hadn't heard back from iRiver and was about to send them a certified letter and get all agro. I got an email saying they had internal server problems and they suggested I plug my player into the charger, let it charge, then turn it on. Of course I had tried this before, but it didn't work... until now. So, my player is working again. If I have any problems after this I'll send an email, give it 5 business days, then move on to the certified letter. Sucks I even have to think about this.

Millennium Simulation - the largest ever model of the Universe

the Millennium Simulation is an ambitious project with some really cool results. Using a supercomputer, the Max Planck Society in Germany came up with some spectacular images and videos of the simulated expansion of the universe from *I think* 400,000 years after the *possible* big bang. Good stuff. Check out the images here.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Microsoft turns to XML

Microsoft's next version of Office to use XML technology is a good thing. This sounds kinda lame, but this will open up much more flexibility for alternative office suites such as OpenOffice.Org, etc. M$'s new format will also implement the ZIP compression algorithm, so developers will basically have immediate access to do cool stuff. Isn't that what we all want?

Now we can ONLY hope that IE7 will be standards friendly and maybe M$ will be on its way to not pissing me off.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Frickin' Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush was less enthusiastic... "You heard what Bill Clinton said?" the former first lady asked. "When -- when I jokingly referred to him as 'son,' and he said, a good Democrat friend of his said, 'Those Bushes will do anything to get another president in the family.'"

what, and they won't? They're already talking about Jeb running and she can't take the joke? And all Clinton said was what his friend said... so... freaaaaaaaaaaaaak. I can't stand politics.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

dumbest drivers

20M licensed drivers may lack basic safety knowledge... well, no shit. Driving on the roads can make me crazy at times. One of my biggest driving pet peeves is the lack of knowledge about turning. It sounds simple, and is if you pay attention. The reason you can make a right turn on red is that you are turning into a close lane. Doesn't matter if it's a one way or not. Well, same works with a left turn from a one-way onto a one-way. If you are in your left lane on a one-way road and you'd like to turn onto a one-way by making a left (oh, and you're at a red light) you can. It's legal. In fact, check out page 36 of the Oregon Driver's Manual (PDF).

Also, page 73 has an important, often overlooked rule: you must stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Not only is it polite, but it's the friggin' law. I've seen Portland Police smal on the brakes to stop half way through the crosswalk while there are people in it. Pay attention and driving will be safer and easier.

Building the world's most powerful laser ran an article about the National Ignition Facility (NIF) which has been of interest to me since maybe junior year in high school. The NIF is a project to build the world's most powerful laser that will heat and compress a composite fuel pellet to produce fusion, which powers stars and makes the bang in hydrogen bombs.

I did a research paper on the NIF in college freshman year and was so excited to think it might be done soon. I think it was originally scheduled to test by 2004. Well, that's been pushed back to 2010. The budget has increased about 8-fold, and many politicians seem upset over this. I however, would like to see it come to fruition at any cost. The scientific benefits of having this working are unknown in full. It's too valuable, so you politicians out there... mind your own business.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

so far so good...

well, it's been hot as hell today, and I'm sitting at work not very motivated. I've been plugging passwords into Password Gorilla and it seems ok. One of my main concerns was keeping my passwords current on any computer. So I came up with a couple of batch files that auto uploaded the password dat file. I'm not a huge fan of this though, as my password has to be kept as plain text in the ftp command text file. We'll see if I can't come up with something better.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A-bomb pioneer wins mathematics prize

Here's an article about Peter Lax who just won the Abel Prize, which is like the Nobel Prize for Math. There's also the Fields Medal, which is also like the Nobel Prize for Math, but I think it's generally for younger mathematicians. Anyway, I find it very cool that the announcement of such a major math prize was posted on CNN. Math has been getting much more mainstream recognition, which, whether or not it deserves, is nice regardless.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Well, I've been wanting to write a bit on passwords. I had seen an article reviewing different programs to keep track of passwords. The one that stood out in that article (which I can't find anymore) was Password Gorilla. I wasn't sure if I wanted to use it, but then I ran across an article on about a Microsoft security expert that says everyone should write down their passwords. With this in mind, and also going over password security in a class of mine, I feel like I should give Password Gorilla a fair chance. Look back soon for a review.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Signature Weddings & Events

Here's a site a friend and I have been working on. It's been one of those projects that has dragged out since last... oh... October. Whatever. Still a good looking site.

My mp3 player is kaput

I have no idea what happened but my iRiver H340 stopped working yesterday. I've had it just over a month, so I can't send it back to Amazon... Hopefully I can exchange it with iRiver with a minimal amount of hassle. I just want an mp3 player to be sweet and work. I hated the Creative Zen Touch with a passion. Someday I'll get one that works the way I want it to.

this is not a mohawk Posted by Hello

I decided to cut a mohawk a few weeks ago. Still going strong. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

No billboards in space

This CNN article (more like a snippet) brings up an interesting point as to whom is managing the FAA??? All I can thing to say is "I mean, c'mon... fuck." Who would even think they could regulate space?

Thursday, May 19, 2005


this was a test from my cell phone. I haven't been able to post a pic taken from my cell, which I thought I would be able to do...

A Gentleman

Never Discloses Who Sucked Him Off: Charles Dubno thoroughly explains how a gentleman should act around a lady. A good read.

Where VISA and MasterCard came from

A few weeks back I started wondering how VISA and MasterCard had developed into the worldwide powerhouses of credit they are. Well, I woke up early this morning, and for some reason it popped into my head to look around. The corporate sites of both had history pages, which are worth reading. Interesting stuff.
VISA History
MasterCard History

WICK: Web Input Completion Kit

WICK: Web Input Completion Kit is an AJAX framework written by Chris Holland with a BSD license. I had asked him a while ago if I could see the code, as I wanted to implement it in ActionScript but he never got back to me. I think he was too busy working on WICK, which is fine by me. I'm going to try to implement his WICK code in AS soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I doubt the Pontif smokes week

yet, there's this sweet site called DOPEPOPE that's worth looking through. this desktop background is hella badass. I wish I were cool enough to come up with that design.


greasemonkey is this really cool extension that allows you to run javascript/DHTML on a given page. I was actually suprised that it didn't work off the fresh install. Give it a try though.

* Got it to work. Didn't really do anything. Actually, I can't remember if it was broken on my desktop or laptop. Here's a user script to add a delete button to gmail. Neat stuff.

Freakin' dentist

well, it's not his fault. Last week I had 2 cavities on my gumline drilled and one filling replaced. This week I had 2 more cavities drilled, one on my gum, one between my teeth, and another filling replaced. The dentist thought I might be clenching my teeth, causing microfractures in my enamel. He suggested a custom fit guard for $300, but I got one of these Dental Concepts NightGuards and cut it up pretty nicely.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Chappelle:'I'm definitely stressed out'

It's good to hear from Dave, as all those rumors were pretty stupid. $50million/2yr contract is pretty stressful, but his frustrations with the direction of the show would be more of a reason to take a break. Sounds like Dave is quite sane.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Runaway bride story spawns products

Runaway bride story spawns products: "Jennifer's High Tailin' Hot Sauce"

Unbelievable... as if the world needs more shitty sensationalism. Hopefully I'm not spreading any by writing this.

Roger Penrose

Roger Penrose

I read an interview with Sir Penrose tonight and it was quite interesting. His interpretation of, not sure how you'd put them... viewings or states in the quantum world seemed to be quite simple. He seems to have always been worried on how gravity is left out of most quantum theories. I don't remember which magazine had the interview but it was cool. Go find it yourself!

alphaWorks : ZetaGrid

alphaWorks : ZetaGrid : Overview: "ZetaGrid"

I was pretty psyched to try out this app to help verify Riemann Zeta zeros but I never did get it working properly. Hopefully they'll improve the installation. Grid computing is pretty badass anyway.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Matrix Encryption... nothing to do with Neo

Cayley-Purser Algorithm: the CP algorithm is a public-key cyrptographic system developed by a (then) 16 year old Irish girl Sarah Flannery. I was walking around Powell's this evening and saw her book called In Code. Looking at the CP versus RSA Mathematica code in the appendix inspired me to try my hand at getting it to work in C#. Hopefully I'll actually get it started at some point.
Well, publishing pics using Picasa and Hello is not as intuitive as I thought it would be. I'll be trying again in a bit. Time for dinner... tandoori chicken and rice. Ooh, and asparagus!